Imaani Bridal Shoes
  • What is Imaani?

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    The origin of the name Imaani stems from Africa and it means Faith, Faithful, Honest, Trustworthy. When we started to look for a name for this beautiful wedding shoe range, we wanted a name that would describe a good bride of Africa. The font and the colour of our brand further symbolises Africa, with its magnificent sunsets.

    Imaani understands the brides of Africa, we know the shape of her foot, where she will walk on her wedding day, and that she will want to dance at her feast, as we have a rich heritage of dancing on this continent.

  • Where did the inspiration come from to launch a brand new wedding shoe range in South Africa?

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    The owner of Imaani, Chrystal is a footwear specialist, who studied fashion design and patternmaking as well as retail buying. She was often approached by brides who wanted her to help find wedding shoes, as the market lacked beautifully styled and hand embellished bridal shoes.

    The Imaani range is custom made to look pure bridal, it is on trend, it has diverse styles to suit every bridal style and it has built in comfort features that shows we understand that a bride needs to be comfortable throughout her big day.

  • Why is good quality so important in wedding shoes?

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    It has been heard too often within the bridal industry, that brides say "my day was perfect, I would have changed nothing but my shoes". The appearance of your wedding shoe is very important and yes, it must suit your wedding dress and style, but you have to buy a shoe that is comfortable enough for walking, dancing and the photo session which can last up to 8hours.

    Every shoe within the Imaani range has ankle straps, padded insoles and non-slip outsoles.

  • How do I know which Imaani shoe size will fit me well?

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    Imaani is made according to UK sizing guidelines, which is how South African shoes are supposed to be made. A shoe made on a UK shoe last, will suit a slightly wider foot shape, where American sizing often suits a more narrow foot shape. Most of the large South African retailers, also adhere to UK sizing, so to use a simple example: if you wear a size 5 in Woolworths, you would wear an Imaani size 5. Our fit is generous, but the uppers won’t gape around your foot.

  • Are the Imaani embellishments attached well and will the trims fall off when I dance with my Imaani shoes?

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    Each trim is attached well and by hand. The larger trims are attached using fish-gut and are sewn on by hand. The Crystal trims are glued on by hand, each given individual care. The trims may fall off and sometimes do so before you even put them on.

    Therefore we have placed an extra trims pouch within your shoebox. Look on the inside of your shoe box to find the bag containing the trims. Glue them on carefully by using superglue, or clear nail varnish.

  • Why are wedding shoes often expensive?

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    White or light coloured wedding shoes, such as the Imaani shoes, are made in an exceptionally clean footwear factory where no dust or filth is allowed. The factory artisans wear white gloves, to ensure that there are no marks on your wedding shoes.

    Like with wedding gowns, the Imaani wedding shoes are made of the best possible satins, lace and trims, but the fabric must be more durable than that used for a wedding dress, as shoes work a bit harder on your big day. Wedding shoes are also not mass produced and what we call a niche market product, so the production runs are small to ensure exclusivity.

  • How does the Imaani wedding shoe range compare to other brands within SA?

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    The Imaani range is sourced and developed with footwear knowledge and expertise. No detail was spared to ensure that you get the best made, most beautiful and comfortable wedding shoe available in Africa. It is also the best value for money.

    We pass the value of our products on to the consumer by not overcharging, just because this is a bridal product. Do the comparison not just by looking at the price, look at what quality features you will get for the price that you will pay.

  • What advice do you have for brides around choosing a suitable wedding shoe?

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    The colour of the shoe can be an up to date trendy shade, but it must also suit your personality and your wedding dress. The current trends are white which is still our best seller, but also rose gold, nude and beige lace.

    For a great posture in your wedding dress, wear a heel. Very few people can wear very high heels for long, so choose a heel that is comfortable. It has been proven that a 8cm heel is the best seller worldwide, which is just high enough to look like a high heel, but low enough to be comfortable. Within the Imaani range, the following styles are all on a 8cm heel: Malaika, Leena, Zuri, Shani and Lulu.

    Removable and adjustable ankle straps are a must for wedding shoes. The ankle straps will prevent the shoe from slipping off your heel, so that your toes don’t have to "claw" in order to keep the shoes on your feet.

    Make sure that the sole is wide enough so that your foot does not hang over the sides. It is also good to wear a style where the upper part sits snug (not tight) over the widest part of your foot.

    Wear silicon heel stoppers over the tips of your heels to prevent your heels from slipping into the grass or soil, while outside for photos. These can be obtained through Imaani or via various stockist countrywide.

    Make sure that your outsoles are made of non-slip resin and that your heel tips are strong with some rubber in the material. Most venues have beautiful smooth floor covering and you want to make sure that you won’t slip when you walk or dance.